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Profile Yourself for International Jobs


Profiling any entity is indeed a vigorous assignment, and when the matter comes to Profile your skills, it does matter a lot for you as well as your customer. The story takes another “U” turn when the issue came for Profiling an Information Technology Professionals. I personally had the Experience to scrutinize the hundreds of Profile (Resumes) of Pakistani IT Professional for International assignments, and found very basic misunderstanding, which are fair enough to toss the Pakistani IT Professional’s Resume in the bin.                                              Author


No doubt, our Resumes transport junk of irrelevant Information, Full of Energetic sentences, List of Certifications, and several unrelated sentences and accomplishments. I decide to work out this article for my Pakistani IT Professionals, due to my faith of “Owning the skilled and Economical IT Manpower in Pakistan. The tips and advice, addressed in my article are extraction of my experience, will definitely; convert a Professional’s Resume up to the International Standards document.

Let Your Resume Work for you
Your Resume can work for you, but make it specific enough to generate an Interview Call for you. It should portray your Qualification, skills and specialization in presentable manner. Tips mentioned with the next heading, will make it possible for you.

Be Specific with the Skill Sets
The most awful issue, ever noticed in our Resumes are the Junk of Qualification, either those are related for the Job or Not. For Example if you drafting your Resume for Network Engineer, and you also know Programming in Visual Basic, mentioning that on your Resume, easily drive the mind of Employer to negative direction. These unspecific skills convert your Resume, into an unreliable document with junk of Information.

Highlight only Achievements
Rather than mentioning the long sentences of you activities with your Past employers, mention only Achievements. On Average, one Resume life in the hand of Hirer is 20 Seconds, and mentioning you tales make him boring enough to turn to next Resume. Use Bullets to specifically explain your skills and remove the bullets which are unrelated to the Job.

Profile Yourself
If you already worked with any company, then always Profile your self in five bullets or Paragraph as the first paragraph your resume.The Profile should be specific and professional enough to convince the reader till the end of your Resume. Even if you are a Fresh Graduate, your Final Years Project or Internship can play a vital role to craft your profile.

Never Generalize Your Profile
Very Commonly noticed mistake is that few Professional Draft a General Resumes, which (they think) can fit for any Job. This is great Misunderstanding. For Employer, this shows lack of Interest in the Job. So, read or at least understand the Job for which you are applying, search the responsibilities of that job, with in your circle or on the net and then develop your Resume in accordance to job role and your qualification.

Avoid Boldface, Italicizing, Shading, Borders and Under-linings. The whole document should be in single font. The most Common font for resumes is Time New Roman, Arial or Garamond. The ideal Character size are from 10 to 14.The Main Heading, Sub Heading and Text should be of 14, 12 and 10 Font respectively.

Personal & Contact Information
Mentioning contact information of you Resume is also an art. Never mention more than one email address. If you are drafting your Resume for International Assignment, don’t forget to mention that your Residence Country and international Dialing Codes your GMT difference and your cell Numbers.

Sending and Packaging
If you are Faxing you Resume put the fax machine in “Fine Mode”. While mailing your Resume, use paper clips instead of staples. Don’t fold your resume, because if a crease lands across a line of text, it will confuse the scanner.

I hope that the tips will server our Professionals to fabricate an International Resume. Let me conclude this article with comment of a Saudi Employer about the Pakistani resumes.

“ I wish that they can say what they know and they can hide what they don’t”

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