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My Father in Law is Wrong

Mark Twain wrote more than 100 years ago: "When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at the how much he had learned in seven years." So, it seems to be today with our youth. They seem positive that their parents don't know a great deal now, never did know much of anything, and may very well go to their graves in a state of almost complete ignorance --- particularly when they, the children, have so much knowledge.                                                                              Author

Of course, we as parents are not perfect. We do make mistakes, some more serious than others do. Perhaps that is why our children deem us to be failures. Yet, we may be victims of our own success. When they are quite young, our children consider us to be perfect beings. When they eventually find out that we are not infallible that there are 'chinks' in our armour, it's a difficult concept for them to grasp.

My father-in-law holding a master's degree adopted teaching as profession. Started as lecturer at University of the Punjab and finished as Vice Principal at a Cadet College. The fact remains that he belonged to a business family. No one from the family supported him in his endeavor.

But my father-in-law worked hard. He had a vision. He wanted to make enough through his chosen career so that his kids could get a good education and eventually be able to enjoy the comforts of life. My father-in-law had pride, he wanted to 'make it' for his family, even though lack of family support prevented him from achieving some of his ambitions.

By his standards, he never made it. According to him, he never achieved that certain standard he had set for himself and his family, the goal that would have allowed him some inner peace. As he always says, "If only I could have done more for you all."

My Father-in-law Is Wrong?

I guess I can say that. He taught us so much, probably more than we ever learned in any university. He taught us that life experiences are just as important as what we learn in the classroom.

- He taught us that there are people who will tell you one thing and mean another. and, Oh God, he was right about that.

- He taught us to trust what we believe, not what others try to make us believe.

- He taught us more, perhaps, than we will ever know. He set standards for living and for working.

Thanks father- in- law, you may have seemed rather backward when we were growing up, but we realize now that we were the backward one. We regret, yes, we regret with such great sorrow, and that we never adequately told you how much you had given and how much we now appreciate it.

                                                                       ____Mrs.Nadeem Zaigham