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Dedicated to Mr.S.T.H.Naqvi,late father of Mr.Syed Asif Naqvi

I never planned to write a book or any article in my life. I am an Engineer and since 15 years am in the same field. But now on the desire of our dearest Nadeem Zaigham bhai, for the first time I am writing something for OUR PETARIAN MAG.


Following are some sayings collected from different corners, which I have collected for my own personal and professional life.

1. Proper planning prevents poor performance.

2. Success at the expense of faith and family really is failure.

3. Don’t expect your customers to tell you they are un-happy with your level of service.

4. Be a team player; Prima donnas don’t last.

5. If you cannot find the time to do it right the first time, how do you find the time to do it over and over?

6. Knowledge without application is useless.

7. Proof-read all correspondence.

8. Be consistently persistent, but not a pest.

9. Under-promise, over-perform.

10. If you follow up, you will be a hero.

11. Donot waste your time on conceptual training, be practical.

12. There is no replacement of effort.

13. Excellence knows no time cloak.

14. Occasionally thank your spouse for his/her help and support.

15. Invite your clients/customers out for a cup of tea or coffee. You will be amazed at how much they enjoy the simple pleasures.

16. If you smoke, donot light up in front of your clients/customers.

17. Keep your car clean at all times, especially the interior.

18. Do not be an under achiever.

19. Patience is a virtue, do not give up.

20. Do not let your ego get in the way.

21. Carry on adequate supply of cash; restaurants do not always take credit cards, and it is embarrassing to ask your clients/customers to pay.

22. Mend broken relationships. Negative energy will keep you from being productive.

23. Be a positive influence. Others will follow, including your opponents.

24. It is not the big things you do for your clients that make you successful, it is the small things.

25. Move fast.

26. Remember that none of us is more important than the team.

27. Make a stop in the bathroom, as it is better before your presentation. This is an excellent time to check your breath, teeth, hair and shoulders for dandruff.

28. Watch the amount of liquor you consume, your credibility could be lost on one evening.

29. Be consistently aware of how you are utilizing your time. Conduct audits at bed time.

30. He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

31. A nice car is not the key to success. The key is the driver.

32. Your time budget is as important as your financial budget.

33. Seek advice regularly form other professionals.

34. Take time to re-charge your batteries. Rest is important.

35. Stop, listen and think before you respond.

36. Have a professional, but not necessarily expensive wardrobe.

37. Be loyal to your employer.

38. Work harder and smarter.

39. While out of the office, call for messages at 10 am, 2 pm and 4 pm.

40. Always concentrate on developing new business. You never know when or how you will lose one of your key accounts.

41. Do not put all your eggs (time) into one’s client’s basket.

42. Always keep in mind and calculate “does your company consider you profit or over head”?

43. When you work hard, you have earned the right to play.

44. When you start taking your clients for granted, you start losing them.

45. Strive to make yourself and your company number one.

46. True wisdom is not a fad.

47. Do not have an opening for competition.

48. Technology is not a replacement for hard work.

49. Push yourself. Only you can motivate yourself.

50. Be nice to secretaries.
                                                                             _____Syed Asif Naqvi