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Rear Admiral Azhar Hussain HI (M); SI (M) - Latif House
A Thorough Gentleman - The First Petarian to Reach the Flag Rank 


Are We A Better Community ?

Different people look at the same problem with a different set of eyes and views. Some twist it in a way that fulfills their greed and some their need.

This twist in intentions can be said to be reflective of the educational background - or rather the confines of the narrow education of an individual. In other words, one may say that the preparation and passing of an examination does not truly assess nor weigh a man's ability or his nature.

A person must base his education on his own unique situation, aims and objectives in life, and a sense of service to the nation. The choice of an institution harnesses those aims, and proves the success of an individual.

Your training at Cadet College Petaro was unique indeed. The school ingrained in you a capability to investigate complex socio-political issues that surround us. Therefore, equipped with this education, you must now contribute your share to the progress and prosperity of our country, and dedicate yourselves to our community in the implementation of core human principles of social and economic justice. This constitutes the basis of the rule of law. Coupled with this, an optimistic posture and high morale are the keys to strengthening of our community.

From the books we are admonished of the lessons of history and the folly of blindly following the traditions and customs of our forefathers. Your stay at Petaro was during the formative period of your intellectual growth and is therefore the cradle of your youth. I have a great admiration for your teachers who were able to ingrain a universal philosophy of life in you. Your education at this esteemed institution created the basis to make you into men of principles, justice and character.

However, education alone is not the end in itself. Education is meant to provide the basis for a practical life. As long as you can convert the theory of your education at Cadet College Petaro into practice, you would have gone a long way forward.

Let us then demonstrate the leadership and sagacity to assist our community and nation at every stage, and rise above being a part of the silent majority.


I love you all                                                                   

                                                           SEHR NADEEM

Editor In Chief