The Petarian Mag - Mehfil e Zaidi


Syed Shabieh Zaidi is from Liaquat House,entry of 1971.He was JUO 1975-76.A proud member of shooting,sailing and debating teams & color holder in all extra curricular activities.An outstanding and brillient cadet of his times.We are proud of him.


Joined the Pakistan Navy, sailed the seas.Then traded dress blues for faded denim in 1993.Came to States, earned a masters in Educational Admin and joined Edinboro University of Pa as the Facilities Coordinator. Presently working as a facilities professional and a consultant.Married with children (sons) and permanently settled in Edinboro, North West Pa.USA.


He is a wonderful person besides being a thoughtful poet and writer.Will be contributing regularly for the magazine.Warm welcome Zaidi Sahib to your mehfil.We hope we will be Faiz Yaab from your intellect.



Bazmae Nadeem - Arz kiya hai

Bazmae Nadeem maiN - wohi andaazae guzishta daikha

Wohi ehsaasae rifaquat - wohi mizajae shagufta daikha

Aaayain gae aur bhi ehbabe wafa bankae sukhanwar Zaidi

Samaro phool ko har shakhs nae wabastae shajar daikha


Perfect Soceity

I remeber being at a meeting of the participants of the Civil Services Academy with the then Governor of Sindh, Fakhruddin G Ebrahim. Most of the attendees were physicians and the governor asked them why they had chosen to become civil servants...guess what...they replied they were in it for money and power. The governor said to them to bring about a change in the system. To do it from the very start and make a commitment that in their career they would not allow corrupt young man spoke out and said sarcastically...Sir, when a change occurs at the top, it is a reform, when it occurs at the grass roots level, it is a revolt. Do you really think the onus to change is on us? [or words to that effect] is needless to add that the meeting quickly ended!

Second incident I remember is 1971, when Petaro was taken over by students and the administration was removed from office...all in the name of some form of democratic move...right or wrong, is a matter of perspective...what I know for fact is that cadets involved in the incident were declared bad boys by the then Governor (and Chairman of the BOG)...however, many years later they are listed among Petarians of prominance on the Petarian page!...

As we debate about the ills of our society (or for people like mylself, the society of my origin; because I have since left the country) we need to be careful about what we propose. I have become a fairly God fearing person myself but I would caution all to tread the path of religious zeal with care. It is easy to become an eloquent supporter of a religious government with desires to reach the glory of yester years. However, strict adherence to one person's perception of what religion ought to be may land us in trouble. Also note that the so called glorious periods of muslim history too contains episodes which we would like to believe never really occured.

The solution lies in a society based on mutual respect and restraint. The principle of 'your freedom ends, where my nose begins' holds good. We need to strieve to create a transparent government. A society where all people were accountable for their actions; not because they were muslims, but because they were members of the society.

Such a society is not created overnight. Such a change is not brought about by a leader. This respect for humanity and civic principles comes through nurturing. I am convinced that the vehicle for this change will have to be education. Both within and without the confines of our homes. An intellectual reform will have a far lasting effect than a bloody coup.

One prerequisite for this is open dialog. Freedom of speech and the power to question. When we begin to challenge, we begin to change.