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KAM Badshah Says....     


Dear X Y & Zee,


Could you please tell me why do Petarians who are adults and at the peak of their profession require retired armed forces officers as Baby Sitter's? Well sweet heart one of us has done just that? Put Petarians under the charge of paid retired officers and gotten rid of un-paid help by making their lives Hell? Why do we not trust the Petarians to do a good job? Itís a lament from me, how sad.

Why do senior and not so stupid Petarians trust Non - Petarians who they know and not trust junior Petarians just because they are an unknown quantity? Have they not been living within the same parameters as the seniors? Was there upbringing different in any way? Was not the Mould the same? If the Mould was the same then are the Junior Petarians in any way different to Senior Petarians?
 Forgetting the fact that there may be some difference between prior 1968 and after 1968 because as far as I remember it was then the Army handed over the college to the Navy but the craftsmen were the the same i.e. Teachers. If we are brothers and consider our selves as a family then shame on the seniors who do the above.
 We left the Cadet College Petaro ages ago but our thinking as far as the other Petarians is concerned still stuck in a rut.Yaaar! There was a time and an age when we were according to traditions supposed to differ with you all but that was a different time and a different place. Now if we meet then we should meet as equals and this ridiculous word not your prerogative should not be in our lexicon.
 We all have traveled along different paths and roads and we are all experienced in out own funny ways. Our repertory of experiences if collated and utilized properly gives us a powerful weapon in hand. If some junior is saying some thing intelligent at least pause and think, maybe what he is saying may save you millions along the way.
You see when we take an action the actions that comes after are limited and we should be able to see what the reaction or reactions will be. So if we take an action its quiet possible that we are not looking at the consequences ten steps down the line. Now if a junior says some thing then wait and think maybe he is seeing what the reactions will be ten steps down the line?
I have seen quite a few haves get after the have nots or the have nots get after the haves, as in the case of SAM. SAM may have been born with the proverbial golden spoon in the mouth due to which he may have got a big boost latter on in life, buts itís his lifer and he has not rubbed it down us. So why are we after him? What pleasures in life will we get? Except to torture ourselves. We see things from far and torture our selves but what if, you see the reality of what his life is, I am quite sure non of us would be able to cope up. So give up and enjoy.
 Eik tau yai politics ka subject, uff my God.

                                                                               ____Khan Arif Masud