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PASA (Petarians Association Saudi Arabia) meeting

a report by Mr.Khalid H. Ranjhani (Chief Coordinator TPA Gulf) 82125 J


PASA (Petarians Association Saudi Arabia) meeting was held at the residence of Mr.Khalid H.Ranjhani in Alkhobar Saudi Arabia.


Following Honorable Petarians attended the meeting.

1. Mr. Aurangzeb Khan Bhai Kit # 431LF (TPA. LM 509)
2. Mr. Syed Abdul Aziz Bhai Kit # 6922LF
3. Mr.Darwesh Faheem Kit # 8297IQ
4. Mr.Mohammad Nadeem Kit# 8429IQ (President PASA)
5. Mr.Syed Mohammad Abbas Kit # 85105A (GS PASA)
6. Mr.Faisal Mehtab Kit # 8566MQ
7. Mr.Kashif Farooq Kit # 8760MQ
8. Mr.Shahid Javed Kit # 98121J
9. Mr.Mohammad Arsalan Khan Kit # 8987A
10. Mr.Nisar Ahmed Kit# 9611IQ
11. Mr.Khalid H Ranjhani Kit# 82125J (Chief Coordinator TPA Gulf)

Below please find the minutes of the meeting;

I - Condolences To The Bereaved Famalies
Fatiha was offered for the departed soul of our Petarian Bhaijan Raees Ahemd and for Petarian community's beloved left us in last months.

II - Affiliation With The Petarian Association

PASA re-affirm its affiliation with TPA and considering TPA as only representative body of all Petarians, we pursue TPA to officially recognize PASA as overseas Chapter of TPA at Saudi Arabia.

III - The Petarian Association Membership
PASA members applied for life membership of TPA.

IV - Election of PASA Treasurer
Mr.Kashif Farooq has been elected as Treasurer of PASA. His name was presented by Mr.Khalid H Ranjhani and was elected unopposed.

V - Basic Ethics In Conversation
• PASA members urge to follow basic ethics in communication/conversation on all Petarians Forums.

• PASA Request all junior petarian brothers to pay due respect to their seniors as their elder brothers, stop involving themselves in any activity which leads to the maligning of others personality.

• Humble request to all senior bhaijans to behave with juniors as their younger brothers and support them with all constructive work for the betterment of Petarians community and CCP.

VI - PASA Plans

1. PASA Fund
“PASA Fund” has been established; all PASA members will contribute and will be disbursing as follows:

a .An yearly award of PAK Rs. 10,000/- will be awarded to the Cadets at CCP for their best performance in following categories:

1. Best Cadet In Academics

2. Best Cadet in Sports

3. Best Cadet in extra-curricular activities

b. One Cadet will be funded up to Pak Rs. 25,000 for the complete execution of any value added Project on science and Technology (IT, Physics, Chemistry etc) every year.

c. An yearly award of PAK Rs. 10,000/- will be awarded to the Best employee (lower staff which includes; laborers, Mess Stewards, Peons, Gardeners, Watch men etc.

Please Note:

All above categories will be decided by CCP Authorities.

All awards will be handed over to CCP authorities through TPA on our behalf (PASA).

VI - Suggestion To The Petarian Association
PASA suggest TPA to establish a Fund for the following categories:

1. Life Time Achievement Award
To be awarded to a deserving petarian for his life time achievements and services towards the Petarian community.

2. Recognition on Merit
Yearly recognition award for a petarian on his achievement in the field of Education, Science, Engineering, Medical, Arts etc.

3. Support Blue-Collar Staff at CCP
Sponsor some deserving family/off springs of blue collar staff employed by petaro to meet their educational/health dowry asks.

4. Renovation of CCP Property
Participate in renovation of houses/buildings.

VII - Request To Petarians In Saudi Arabia
It is requested to all Petarians in Saudi Arabia to become member of PASA and join hands with us for the betterment of Cadet College Petaro and Patarians community.

Contact Persons at PASA:
Mohammad Nadeem President PASA (0506881297)
Syed Mohammad Abbas GS PASA (038355481)
Kashif Farooq (0567392541)
Khalid H Ranjhani (0565605757)
Best Regards and Best Wishes
Khalid Hussain Ranjhani (82125J)
Chief Coordinator TPA Gulf



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