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Professor Choudhry Saeed Ahmed

House Master Latif House/Vice Principal 


I would like to share with you today is that of Ch. Saeed Ahmed Sb. I am sure that most of you will remember him as the head of the Physics Department at CCP almost all of his nearly 29 years at Petaro. He joined CCP in 1960 and retired from there in 1989.Saeed Sb was also my house master (at Latif House) throughout the period I was at CCP (1965-1969). Saeed Sb was a very successful house master during our time.                                                                                         Author


Latif House had been the youngest of the houses (Iqbal and Qasim Houses were built in 1966 and 1967), and therefore it inherited a mixed bag of students from different houses. It was considered as a pappoo house, always looking only for credits for the Credit Cup.

However, it was to Saeed Sb's key insight towards selecting students from the incoming new entries that allowed Latif House to rise up to become the Champion House. For the last 3 years of my stay at Petaro as well as the last 3 years of Saeed Sb's tenure as house master, Latif House retained the Champions Cup consecutively. It became an all-rounder house, being the best in Academics as well as taking many of the sports trophies. I must say that the credit for this achievement goes to Saeed Sb. He made sure that he selected some of the best cadets on both the academic side as well as sports.                                                                            


During those years, I remember Saeed Sb with fond memories of a father-like figure. He always depicted a sort of kindness and love that was beyond expression. And when he wrote me this autograph, it struck me that indeed these words were a true reflection of what Saeed Sb stood for - although he probably had never said so in so many words to us before. Being against malice, and stressing on charity and firmness truly forms the bedrock of success. And Saeed Sb was successful in that period relying on these very same qualities. He had an uncanny way of expressing himself so quietly, and maintaining discipline within the house.

In recent years, I have had the opportunity of meeting Saeed Sb a few times. And each time, all I could see were the tears of love in his eyes. He still leads a simple life, and keeps to himself and prays for us.

For those of you who are not aware, he is also the father of Dr.Nadeem Zaigham who was instrumental in starting Petarian Talk & Petarian Mag.Saeed Sb now lives in Lahore.

May Allah grant a long life to Saeed Sb with health and prosperity.

                                                ___Kazi Zulqader Saddiqui - Latif House